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Private MD 83 and MD 87

The McDonnell Douglas MD 83 and MD 87 are a perfect aircraft for a group of 18 guests in total comfort including a private stateroom with full shower. This aircraft has a conference room / dinning room for 10 guests and a beautiful lounge with HD TV Plasma screens.

We have access to two of these magnificent aircraft with one being based in Europe and one in the USA. Both offer different configurations and both were recently refurbished. Our European based aircraft has a small section of Business Class seats that can be used for traveling and accompanying staff and members of the household while still providing the primary travels total luxury and comfort.

Both MD 87’s have full private staterooms with private shower and bathroom and sufficient private en-suite closet space and overhead multiple channel TV system ensures total privacy and secluded travel.

A gourmet kitchen can produce any fine dining requests and the ability to fly Los Angeles to London with only one stop is the choice of the Asian and European traveler. A key feature of this aircraft is the built in air stairs that allow access to airports worldwide that are unable to provide external air stairs. The additional rear air stairs allow for catering to be loaded without the need of passing through the main cabin and the alternative forward small kitchen and crew rest area ensures total privacy during flight. This aircraft is an excellent alternative to the Boeing 737 Business Jet and at a charter cost of the Gulfstream G V makes this aircraft a high demand luxury private jet charter.

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