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Private Boeing 707 Business Jet.

Magnificent is the only word that can be used to describe this Private Business Jet which rarely spends time on the ground due to the tremendous demand. This Boeing 707 Business Jet has most of its life been used as a Head of State Aircraft and that can be very obvious when you see the three luxurious staterooms, gourmet kitchen and inviting lounge

This four engine aircraft is almost 144 feet in length and a cabin width of 12 feet combining the ability to fly  almost 3,600 N Miles non stop allows this aircraft access to the world for the client who wishes to have an aircraft that has plentiful staterooms to sleep well and carry large amounts of cargo this plane has its all.

With three main staterooms and one optional stateroom this aircraft can carry up to 28 guests in total comfort.  One of the largest and most extensive kitchens in the skies today there is no meal request that cannot be accommodated in-flight. An alternative to a Boeing Business Jet Travel this Private Boeing 707 is configured for luxury from one end to another and should your travel require the ability for flat bed travel worldwide then this aircraft is the option to consider.

With a dedicated flight crew and cabin service personnel who are no stranger to diplomatic travel to all reaches of the world your confidentiality is always assured. The owner does not consider short flights and this plane is based and maintained in Europe most of the year however, due to its busy schedule it can be found all over the world at many times of the year for Head of State and Diplomatic travel.

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